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Who We Are:

Young Interventions, Inc. offers educational and therapy based services for children who are at risk for developmental delays or who may already have an established diagnosis or risk factors for a developmental delay. Young Interventions, Inc. receives funding through the state governing agency (The Regional Center), for Early Intervention Services. Eligible children may qualify under current state regulations for eligibility standards.

Young Interventions, Inc. Services are primarily field based. Our field staff, consisting of Educational professionals and Therapists, conducts sessions with the child and their family to provide opportunities for developmental enrichment as well as educational opportunities for families to learn about their child’s specific developmental and therapeutic needs. Young Interventions, Inc. Specialists work alongside parents and caregivers assisting them in gaining the tools and resources needed to support and advocate for their child’s developmental success.

Purpose of Services:

Our goal at Young Interventions, Inc. is to collaborate with and provide an opportunity for families to be educated and supported in their child’s specific, and yet, unique individual needs, and to provide opportunities for children with, or who are at risk for established or non-established disabilities, a chance to grow and develop through our early intervention services. Ultimately, our goal is to accurately match the needs of the child and family with the right professional, learning solution, and materials to produce the best possible developmental outcome for each child and their family.

"The beginning of something is always important, especially when it is young and needs time to grow." ~Plato

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